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Allow me to introduce myself…

I’m Mike Burke, a Front-Line Management Coach and Trainer Based in Atlanta, Georgia.

I was a front-line manager for over 27 years


In my first management position, I had three people reporting to me.


Throughout my career, I had the opportunity to lead six multi-million dollar divisions of a Fortune 50 Company.


Why is my Front-Line Management Coaching and Training For You?

BECAUSE your dream is to stand out from the pack and be recognized by upper management as someone that has the extraordinary ability to reduce infighting, develop teams, and improve every situation.  


BECAUSE you’re tired of feeling your one major wrong decision from being demoted or fired. You know that with superior management skills, you can find a better opportunities whenever or wherever you want.


BECAUSE you want a supercharged career that affords you the financial lifestyle you want and not struggle to make ends meet.



What drove me as a manager? 


My satisfaction came from working with individuals and teams to accomplish what everyone said was impossible.


It was always great to hear upper management ask me, “how did you do that?”


That’s what I want for you, but with a much shorter learning curve than what I went through. 



My Credo


I believe everyone deserves to treated with dignity and respect, and no manager or supervisor has the right to disrespect or talk down to any employee.


I believe “nothing” is impossible when you’re committed to success. 


Using “advanced problem solving,” along with “critical communication skills,” are the fastest and greatest way to lead.


Departments I’ve directly Managed: 


Customer Service, Purchasing, Sales, Delivery Drivers, Warehouse People, and as my career advanced, I managed managers.


I learned early on regardless of department or area of the country certain management truths are universal. 


Over time I began to document my “management learnings” and started training them to my managers.


Later in my career, I realized I had become a “coach” to the newer managers, and I loved how hungry they were to learn.



Outside of work:

For some reason, too long to explain here, I started training dogs in a sport called Schutzhund. 


It very similar to the training police dogs go through. 


I failed at local trials more than I care to admit, but eventually, I started competing at the regional and national level.  I even won a regional championship with my dog Atom.


My wife Pam and I raised for daughters and moved them from city to city even during their high school years as my career advanced. 


Unbelievably a couple of them still talk to me.



Biggest Learning:

After successfully running a small union warehouse and delivery operation, upper management promoted me to lead a larger union facility division in the same city (Philadelphia). 


Within a month, I uncovered a multi-million theft operation between my local managers and union members. 


To make matters more intense, we were negotiating a new union contract.


I wasn’t a very popular with the union members and the union leadership. 


Being young and inexperienced, I let my emotions get the better of me.  My career went backwards, and it took me a couple of years to rebuild my reputation.



Learning from past failure.


All my management responsibilities from that point on were leading departments of non-union employees.

Then toward the end of my career, I was asked to manage a division in Boston that had a terrible management employee relationship. 

Six months in, while negotiating a new contract, all of our union employees went on strike.

I promised myself that I would use the failures in my past as fuel.

You can probably imagine that when we got back to work after six

weeks, emotions were raw. 

The facility, after three months, became more productive than ever in it’s history.

As a result of this accomplishment, I earned the responsibility to lead two additional divisions of International Paper.

I was the first manager in my company to manage multiple divisions in different cities.



Why Coaching and Training?


The higher I climbed the corporate ladder it seemed the less hands on management I was doing.


So, after leading multiple departments and divisions through countless mergers and acquisitions I knew my purpose had changed.


I was meant to coach and teach managers on their way up.


There’s no better feeling than watching a leader to develop right before my eyes.



Jennifer Jones

Jessica Wines


"Mike did a wonderful job getting me motivated and focused on my goals. He was very professional, personable and on point. Mike really did a phenomenal job guiding me to my next steps for my career path, personal challenges, and successes I can build on. Thank you so much Mike, it has been such a different perspective after talking to you and I’ve already had some mini wins."

I had the pleasure of starting out my sales career with Mike as my division manager. Especially as a new rep, I faced some challenges that I felt I wasn't prepared for and that he was never afraid of addressing. We broke difficult situations down and went after them together as a team giving me confidence and experience in order to face future challenges on my own. He believed in personal development and product training, never denying anything that would benefit a growing, successful career. I always felt like I had someone in my corner and the only way I could fail is if I didn't believe in myself as much as he did.

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