• Mike Burke

I received the question, "I've been in my current job for two years.

Is that too long?"

It depends on your career goals.

You may be in a job that takes five years to master, but once you do, you'll get the position of your dreams.

Or, you may be in a job two years too long.

When I went through my first merger, two years went by before I realized I put my companies needs ahead of mine.

I was angry.

But, who to blame?

Everyone was in survival mode.

So why should have expected someone to look over my shoulder?

If you don't have your career goals in place, you could find yourself in the same job for the rest of your career and wonder, how did this happen?

So how do you stay on track to earn your dream job?

Here are 5 Steps to Earn Your Dream Management Job

  1. Visualize and write out your short term and long term goals.

  2. Explain your career goals to your boss and get feedback.

  3. Determine what new skills you need to earn your dream job and develop them.

  4. Compare your goals to where you are monthly or at least quarterly.

  5. Make course corrections as needed.

You're probably thinking this sounds so basic.

It is, but in life, "you get what you focus on."

If you're not focusing on your career, no one else will.

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