• Mike Burke

When I was ten years old, I had a friend Alex that lived in the perfect house, had the perfect parents, had the most beautiful cars.

I was so jealous when I thought about my life versus Alex.

One day we walked into the back door of his house.

With his parents not knowing we were there, I heard something I never heard from inside this perfect world.

His parents started having a screaming match, and I heard something break.

I looked at Alex, and he shushed me.

It went on and on.

A year later, Alex's parents got a divorce, and they moved away.

The whole impression I had about Alex and his family came crashing down that day.

Suddenly my life didn’t seem so terrible.

What does this have to do with management?

Don’t you see the managers that put on an act that everything is perfect in their department?

I fell for it at first, but whenever I dug in a little, those managers always seem to be putting on a show just like Alex’s family did.

It takes hard work and dedication to make something perfect.

It takes just as much work faking it.

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