• Mike Burke

I was training a class of senior managers, and they sent Leticia, who was not a manager, to fill in.

Leticia would start every sentence by saying, “I’m not a manage but..”, or “I don’t know why they sent me but...”

The amateur Psychologist in me saw self-confidence issues.

I started to worry about the group of managers that I was expected to train.

During a break, Leticia came to me and said, “Do I need to be in this meeting?”

“You guys are better off without me.”

She needed to be pumped up.

The parable “Treat People as If They Were As They Ought to Be to Help Them Become What They’re Capable of Being,” came to my head.

I know that’s heavy, but it works.

I told her, “Yes because you bring a different view than everyone else.”

“Plus, if you ever decide to become a manager, you’ll be a great one, you have what it takes.”

She said, “I can’t be a manager,” and I said, “absolutely, you could!”

Back from break, I saw a whole different, more confident Leticia.

About six months later, I got a note from Leticia.

“Mike, you’re never going to believe it, but I was just made assistant manager.”

You’re probably thinking I want to take credit for Leticia’s success.

No, it was all because of her.

I just helped her believe in herself.

And isn't that our job as managers?

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