• Mike Burke

Yesterday I was asked, “what do I do if my boss wants me to do something, I know won’t work, and they won’t listen to reason?”

Here's what I did. Say we won’t take returns anymore. (That happened in my old world a lot)

I went to my boss; let’s call him Steve and said: “Steve, I’m struggling how to tell our customers that we can’t take their returns anymore.”

“Would you brainstorm with me exactly what I should say?”

After the session, I’d say, “OK, let me try it with a customer with you watching.”

Then after three or four times of getting “yelled” at by doing it Steve’s way, I’d say, “I’ll tell you what can you show me how to do it?”

Important Note: Sound sincere, not condescending.

After Steve failed a few times, he would realize it’s a bad idea.

Now you’re probably thinking, “yea Mike, but what if it comes from the top?

I can’t ask the President to do this with me.

No, you can’t, but at least your boss will know you honestly tried, and it doesn't work.

Most good managers will support you.

But what if I don’t have a good manager?

Well then, you’ll need powers of persuasion that I’ll talk to you about in future blogs.

But give this a try. You might be surprised.

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